Every idea needs a stepping stone. Here, at FusionEra, we transform your ideas into reality by formulating a product to satisfy the in-demand market niche. We realize that the technology keeps upgrading and there is a need for constantly modifying products. We help to cater the product development needs of various, small and medium scale, companies who look forward to emerge out of the competitive market.
Our technical team has an expertise in all the cutting-edge technologies. Our talent pool is spread across a broad range of industries such as Safety and Security, home automation, education, transportation and wearable technology.


Internet of Things

It is a pleasure for us to create opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interaction with customers, and greater efficiency.

Wearable Technology

Fusion Era takes Siri-like technology and applies it to fitness tracking, adding the dimension of computerized coaching to workouts.

Home Automation

The company innovates and manufactures smart home products. Our vision is to create a society more secure, comforting and energy efficient.


The cost effective solutions offered by the company make it a one-stop solution provider in the mechatronics engineering domain

There are more than 10 billion connected devices in the world. With Internet of Things, today, devices have become smarter than people. Ingenious companies are adopting IoT strategy and technology to rethink their products and services. This aids to redefine their relationships with their customers. FusionEra creates entirely new business models and revenue streams while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

With our competent systems and designs, it is possible to conserve energy more and more every day. We offer smart and eco-friendly solutions which direct our efforts towards a sustainable environment

On a broader scale, IoT can be applied to transportation networks or help build us ‘Smart cities’ which would aid us to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency. IoT is the emerging technology bound to improve the way of life as we know it.

We are living in a world of automation. With technological advancements in several developing countries across the globe, home automation solutions are evolving continuously and is used in a variety of applications across residential, commercial and hospitality segments. Home automation systems refer to all systems used as single application or as integrated solution to automate operations (such as turning on the AC, dimming lights, managing entrance gate and CCTVs, operating smart appliances in a house, and so on).

Wearable devices are rapidly advancing in terms of technology, functionality, and size, with more real-time applications. Wearable technology is on the rise in both personal and business use. In the consumer space, sales of smart wristbands (aka activity trackers) started accelerating in 2013.
FusionEra takes Siri-like technology and applies it to fitness tracking, adding the dimension of computerized coaching to workouts.
Do you have an idea for a wearable device and are looking for a smart material supplier, a long-lasting battery or the right hardware and software for signal processing? Then you should not miss the chance to talk to The FusionEra.

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest engineering tools, Fusion Era Edu-tech Private Limited has the expertise and experience to provide future-focused innovations in the mechanical engineering domain. The cost effective solutions offered by the company make it a one-stop solutions provider in the mechanical engineering domain.
With matchless experience in the automotive industry vertical, Fusion Era provides domain specific expertise to its clients. The dedicated mechanical engineering team at Fusion Era makes sure that the client is able to achieve reduced cost of ownership through its innovative mechanical engineering processes.
2.Design: Detailing and Modelling
3.Analysis and Simulation
5.Manufacturing/Final product

1. Benchmarking
Fusion Era Edu-tech Private Limited uses the domain expertise for product benchmarking to understand the insight of the product and assess technical and commercial aspects. The company uses diverse parameters such as quality, time, and cost to assess the products and delivers a complete and accurate analysis. With this, Fusion Era helps its customers to unveil their products in the market sooner and reduce the development cost.

2. Design: Detailing and Modelling
CAD based designing and modelling is widely used in almost every industry. 2D or 3D CAD solutions have become strategic tools of product development because of the features they provide. But designing and modelling complex product prototypes can be a daunting task if the company does not have the prerequisites to succeed in this field.
Fusion Era’s expertise in the field of CAD designing and modelling helps customers to focus on core areas of their business. The proven CAD solutions increase profitability and fasten the product development lifecycle.

3. Analysis and Simulation
Analysis & Simulation processes form an integral part of company’s product development lifecycle. Companies use analysis and simulation services to evaluate performance, enhance quality, and improve product innovation.
With its wide exposure in the product engineering domain, Fusion Era Edu-tech Private Limited has the capacity to understand the customer requirements in order to deliver tailor made solutions. The company has the infrastructure and expertise to verify the product design and also pinpoint root causes of failure.

4. Prototyping
Prototyping is part of what we do and is involved in every aspect of our design process. We have state of the art product development equipment that allows us to do prototype manufacturing in a matter of hours once the design process is complete.
We do strive to be your best full service product development firm in the industry. Our prototyping service will vary based on your product i.e. Foam or cardboard mock-ups, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, electronic circuit boards and assemblies etc.

5. Manufacturing/Final product
At Fusion Era, our team employs Pre-Production Approval Process (PPAP) checks at production launch to ensure products meet their intended design requirements. Once the prototype meets the desired quality and capabilities, Fusion Era will manufacture your product. We employ top industry standards in our manufacturing facilities and have a team with the skills and passion necessary to complete even the most complex jobs in a timely, efficient fashion.