Fusion Era is an Edu-tech firm that aims to bridge the gap between education and career through part-time jobs and real time industries project on-campus for students. Hence providing an opportunity of financial support to students while pursuing education through wages and an experience of Professional work-culture as well.


Domains for training:

WEB Development (4 months)

Get to learn about designing professional-class website with the most experienced experts.
Two months of front end training and four months of back end training.
Get trained enough to develop your own website at the end of the course.

App Development (4 months)

Learn to create an Android project with Android Studio. Run a debug gable version of the app. Also learn some fundamentals of Android app design, including how to build a simple user interface and handle user input.

Micro-Controller and Embedded Coding (4 months)

Learn the skeleton of a microcontroller and to program it using embedded codes in an IDE.
Learn to make the controller obey your program in controlling various real-time situations using various live sensors and actuators.

CAD Modelling and Analysis (4 months)

Learn to model any mechanical element using Solid Works. Design a PCB using CADSoft Eagle. Simulation training for mechanical models in ANSYS and electrical circuits in Multisim Or Proteas.

How Do I Be a Part of Fusion Era

The recruitment procedure includes :

  • Registration

The registration starts with a fee of  ₹ 100/-. The registration forms can be filled online or offline. The desired training can be opted in the forms. The registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.


  • Training module

The training module will be for 4 months at the cost  ₹ 950/month .

Four days in months with 4 hours intensive training each day. The training will be provided by experts in their respective fields. After every training session trainees will receive a performance analysis sheet.


  • Performance Analysis Sheet


This sheet is the evaluation report of each trainee at the end of every training session.

Understanding of the daily trainings is an important criterion to get good grades in the performance sheet. The sheet will preferably give you an edge over every other trainee to showcase your talent in the field of training.




  • Funded project

A funded project will be allotted to the trainees who have successfully completed trainings with excellent performance based on the Performance Analysis Sheet.

The project will be assigned based on the pure application of the training incepted.

  • Recruitment

The final recruitment at FusionEra will based on the careful evaluation of the performance in the training sessions and the funded project. The candidates shortlisted can work on paid projects from the industry and also experience the on-campus part-time work culture and hence EARN while you LEARN.


Once you have joined Fusion Era, you will be paid for the work you do with us.

And moreover, if the work is of decent excellence, get an opportunity to work with Fusion Era as a full-time employee after graduating successfully from the university.


Refer it a friend and get ₹ 100/- off on your monthly course fee. Referrals are applicable for maximum of 2 students only.
Referrals are available only for a limited time